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Aeroplane engine

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Postcard of Aeroplane engine.
© National Museums Scotland

Aeroplane engine

This Le Rhone aero engine was made in 1917 by W.M. Allen & Co Ltd. It was mounted on an Avro 504 two-seat training aircraft. It is shown mounted on a frame supporting the nose section of the Avro 504 and is cutaway to give an impression of how a rotary engine works.

The nine-cylinder 110-horsepower engine has a capacity of 15 litres. The cylinders and crankcase rotate around a fixed crankshaft with the propeller fixed to the engine, an arrangement which permits rapid cooling of the cylinders. The unit is linked to an electric motor to turn the engine.

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Online ID: 000-190-004-362-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  T.1920.10
Date: 1917
What: Rotary engine, aeroplane, Le Rhone
Subject: 1. AERONAUTICS, Piston engines (Departmental Classification)
Who: Le Rhone (Eponym)
W. M. Allen and Co. Ltd (Maker)
Description: 110 horsepower Le Rhone rotary engine with nine cylinders as used on aeroplanes, made by W. M. Allen & Co. Ltd, 1917
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