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Noseband for oxen from Newstead, Roxburghshire

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Postcard of Noseband for oxen from Newstead, Roxburghshire.
© National Museums Scotland

Noseband for oxen from Newstead, Roxburghshire

This iron object was probably a nose band for a harness used with oxen. It was found at the site of the Roman fort at Newstead in Roxburghshire, and was used between 80 and 100 AD.

The two side pieces of metal are of unequal lengths, and have loops for harness attachments.

Carts and wagons were pulled by teams of oxen yoked together or by horses. Leather on harnesses rarely survives, but the metal fittings and ornaments are often preserved. Only the metal fittings and bindings of wagons and carts usually survive.

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Online ID: 000-000-136-608-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0035: Early Scottish Shelter - Life in the Prehistoric Home (multimedia essay)
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  X.FRA 493
Date: Between 80 and 100 AD
What: Nose band
Who: Newstead Collection
Where: Scotland, Roxburghshire, Melrose, Newstead
Description: Nose band from Newstead
  • Curle, J. A Roman frontier post and its people: the fort of Newstead. Glasgow: MacLehose, 1911, p 297, Pl. LXX, 4. 
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