Astronomical compendium (detail)

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made in London

Postcard of Astronomical compendium (detail).
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Astronomical compendium (detail)

This astronomical compendium - a nocturnal, a latitude list, a pocket sun-dial, compass and calendar combined - was made in London in 1575 by Humphrey Cole, a notable instrument maker. This detail shows inside of the upper leaf of the compendium.

Inside the lid, the disc has a list of latitudes in five concentric rings with eight entries in each. The sixth ring is inscribed 'The latitudes of all the principall townes and cities of evrope'. 'Edenboro' is one of the 40 cities listed, at 57 degrees.

Designed for use at a variety of latitudes, by setting the latitude quadrant to the correct figure, a table is given for important cities, ranging from Edinburgh in the north at 57 degrees, to Lisbon in the south at 39 degrees 38'.

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Online ID: 000-190-001-908-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  H.NL 18
Date: 1575
Material: Gilt brass. Inscription: THIS TABLE BEGINNETH AT 1572 AND SO FOREVER ETC
What: Compendium dial, pocket / sundial / compass / calendar
Subject: Jewellery: clocks, watches (NMAS Classification)
Who: Humphrey Cole, London (Maker)
Where: England, London
Description: Pocket compendium dial of gilt-brass, with sundial, compass and calendar combined, made by Humphrey Cole, London, 1575
  • Gunther, R.T. The Great Astrolabe and Other Scientific Instruments of Humphrey Cole. Archaeologia 76 (1926), pp 273-317, esp. p 289 
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