Sundial gnomon (detail)

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from Fullarton, Ayrshire

Postcard of Sundial gnomon (detail).
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Sundial gnomon (detail)

This is a detail of a sundial gnomon, the part of the sundial which casts its shadow over the dial. The gnomon was designed around 1744 by William Fullarton of Fullarton House in Ayrshire. It was probably made by Robert Craig a local clockmaker.

The detail shows part of a face of the gnomon inscribed with various tables including one displaying 'THE TIME OF SUNSETTING DAILLY'.

William Fullarton was making alterations to his country house in 1744 and presumably this is when he ordered the constructing of his sundial from Robert Craig. Fullarton House has now been demolished.

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Online ID: 000-190-001-081-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  T.1988.18
Date: Around 1744
c. 1744
Material: Brass. Inscription: G; Fullerton Designant et Soli fulgenti Consecravit Anno 1744; R. Craig [?] S[?] Execu; Poles elevatio 55D 3CM / Equat.
Dimensions: 490 mm x 315 mm x 30 mm
What: Sundial gnomon
Who: Fullerton (Inscribed on the sundial)
R. Craig (Inscribed on the sundial)
Robert Craig, Scotland (Maker)
William Fullarton, Fullarton House, Fullarton, Ayrshire (Designer)
Where: Scotland
Scotland, Ayrshire, Fullarton
Description: Brass sundial gnomon designed by William Fullarton, Ayrshire, made by Robert Craig, Scotland, c. 1744
  • Stevenson, W.B., 'Sundials of Six Scottish Counties, near Glasgow', Transactions of the Glasgow Archaeological Society, new series 11 (1937-40), pp 233-5 
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