Coin (reverse), Denarius, of Quintus Sicinius with Caius Coponius

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Postcard of Coin (reverse), Denarius, of Quintus Sicinius with Caius Coponius.
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Coin (reverse), Denarius, of Quintus Sicinius with Caius Coponius

This silver coin was minted by the moneyer Quintus Sicinius with the praetor Caius Coponius somewhere on the campaign with Pompey. It is a type called a denarius, the most common Roman silver coin. This picture shows the reverse.

The reverse depicts symbols of the hero Hercules: an upright club with a lion's skin, a bow and an arrow. The legend identifies C. Caponius, his official position as praetor ('PR') and his claim to have Senate approval for this issue ('S.C').

The war between Pompey and Caesar is often termed the First Civil War. In this confused time both sides needed coins to pay the troops, but the normal means of minting were disrupted. Nevertheless, the design of this coin mimics normal patterns.

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Online ID: 000-190-000-058-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  A.1915.178
Date: 49 BC
Material: Silver. Inscription: Obv. Head of Apollo r., hair tied with band; below, star; before, Q.SICINIUS downwards; behind III.VIR upwards / Rev. Club upright, on which hangs lion's skin; on l., arrow; on r., bow; on r., C.COPONIUS downwards; on l., PR.S.C upwar
Dimensions: 18.00 mm D / Die Axis: 4.5
What: Coin, denarius
Subject: Ancient Coin Collection
Who: Apollo
Q. Sicinius
Where: Italy, Rome
Description: Silver denarius of the Roman Republic, Rome, 49 BC
  • Crawford, M.H. Roman Republican Coinage. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976. 
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