Model, of fifie fishing boat

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Postcard of Model, of fifie fishing boat.
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Model, of fifie fishing boat

The fifie was the most common type of Scottish deep-sea fishing boat used from the late 19th century to mid 20th century. It originated in the harbours of the south coast of Fife. This wooden model represents a fully decked fifie from 1880 and is built to a scale of 1:16.

Full decks were uncommon on fishing boats such as these prior to 1880. The deck gave the crews added safety and protection.

By 1880, the fishing industry was no longer seasonal or local but involved great migrations of boats and fishermen who followed the herring shoals in a clockwise movement round Britain. They would start in the spring at the Minch and move through Shetland, Caithness and the north-east in summer and early autumn, culminating in East Anglia in October to December.

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Online ID: 000-180-002-061-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0504: National Museums Scotland Part 2
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  T.1882.29
Date: Model & original: Around 1880
Dimensions: 35.00" L
What: Fishing boat / fifie / model
Subject: 23. SHIPPING, Fishing Boats (Departmental Classification)
Description: Model an 1880 deep sea fifie fishing boat with masts and sails, scale 1:16
  • Storer, J D. Ship Models in the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh: A catalogue of models representing the history of shipping from 1500 BC to the present day. Edinburgh: Royal Scottish Museum Information Series, 1985, p 56. 
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