Figure, of Surya

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made in India

Postcard of Figure, of Surya.
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Figure, of Surya

This figure carved in black shale of the Hindu Sun God comes from North East India, and dates to the 11th century.

The figure is carved in black shale. Surya the Sun God stands on a lotus pedestal and is attended by a bearded Pingala with an inkpot and pen on left and Danda with a long staff on right. Two archers - Usa and Pratyosa - below dispel darkness with their arrows.

The Sun God Surya was adored particularly in Bengal in the 11th century. Revered for his qualities of wealth giving wish and fulfilment, he dispels disease, evil and bad dreams. Surya's face emanates serenity; his head is surrounded by a ray of light. He holds two lotus blossoms in his hands.

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Online ID: 000-180-000-579-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0504: National Museums Scotland Part 2
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  A.1955.207
Date: 11th century
Material: Shale, black
What: Figure / group / god / Surya / attendant / archer
Subject: Metal figures
Who: Dandin
Where: India, North East India
Description: Figure carved in black shale of the sun god Surya being attended by Pingala and Dandin, while Usa and Pratyosa below dispel darkness with their arrows: North East Indian, Pala period, 11th century
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