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from Persia

Postcard of Box.
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This wooden jewel box with a hinged lid comes from Persia and dates to the 20th century.

The wooden box is inlaid with khatamkari work in coloured woods - brown, green, and ivory in repeated star design. It is set with punched silver plaques depicting audience scene from the treasury relief of the Achaemenid palace at Persepolis. There is a mirror set inside the lid.

It is interesting to note that the iconography on this piece celebrates the pre-Islamic grandeur of Persia and its rulers.

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Online ID: 000-180-000-568-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0504: National Museums Scotland Part 2
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  A.1979.90
Date: 20th century
Material: Wood with silver plaques and a mirror
Dimensions: 105 mm H x 305 mm L x 205 mm W
What: Box, jewel
Where: Persia, Shiraz
Description: Wood jewel box with a hinged lid inlaid with hatem kari work and set with silver plaques showing a scene from Treasury relief of the Achaemenid palace at Penepolis: Persia, Shiraz, 20th century
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