Lidded work basket, from royal burial

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at Qurneh, Egypt

Postcard of Lidded work basket, from royal burial.
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Lidded work basket, from royal burial

This lidded basket is among the grave goods from the grave of a 17th Dynasty queen and her child at Qurneh in Egypt. It was found outside the queen's coffin and contained a marble bowl, oil horn, whetstone, knife or razor, two flints and ball of thread.

The basket consists of coils of plant fibre, possibly palm leaf, which have been linked into a broad circle, since distorted to an oval shape. The conical lid was found upside down on the basket.

This grave, from the burial place of the kings and queens of Thebes, is remarkable as it dates from a time when Egypt was politically divided and relatively poor. The queen and her child have been lavishly equipped for the Afterlife.

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Date: Around 1641 to 1539 BC (2nd Intermediate Period: 17th Dynasty)
  • Petrie, W.M. Flinders. Qurneh. London: School of Archaeology in Egypt, 1909. 
  • Sheridan, J A (ed). Heaven and Hell and Other Worlds of the Dead. Edinburgh: National Museum of Scotland, 2000. 
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