Card case (1st side)

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made in China

Postcard of Card case (1st side).
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Card case (1st side)

This shows one side of a carved ivory card case made in China in the 19th century. Such cases were popular trade items.

The case is elaborately carved in high relief with figures in a continuing landscape containing pavilions and a boat.

From the early 18th century until around 1880 Canton was a major producer of ivory artefacts such as ladies' fans, workboxes, snuffboxes and card cases. The densely-packed high relief carving derives from lacquer and jade carvings.

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Online ID: 000-180-000-051-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0504: National Museums Scotland Part 2
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  A.1961.155 A
Date: 19th century
Material: Ivory
Dimensions: 3.75" H x 2.25" W
What: Card-case / part
Subject: Ivory
Where: China
Description: One of two parts of a card-case of ivory, carved in high relief with figures in a continuing landscape: China, 19th century
  • Atterbury, P & Tharp, L (eds). The Little Brown Illustrated Encyclopedia of Antiques. Great Britain: Little Brown & Co, 1994, p 292. 
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