Demonstration apparatus, known as intermittent fountain

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probably made in France

Postcard of Demonstration apparatus, known as intermittent fountain.
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Demonstration apparatus, known as intermittent fountain

This hydrostatic apparatus, known as an intermittent fountain, was made around 1870, probably in France. It is unsigned.

The apparatus has brass dish and a hollow brass pillar with four nozzles at the top. Surmounting the pillar is a glass bulb containing a glass return tube which goes through the pillar. The bulb is three-quarters filled with water, which spouts into the brass dish. The return tube is open near the bottom of the dish, so that when water fills the dish the air is cut off and the spout ceases. Water in the dish then flows out of a small hole in it, so that the water level falls, air enters the globe and the water spouts again.

This piece of demonstration apparatus would have been used to illustrate hydrostatic principles to the growing late 19th century educational market.

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Ref: National Museums Scotland  T.1984.179
Date: Around 1870
c. 1870
What: Hydraulic demonstration / intermittent fountain
Where: France
Description: Intermittent fountain hydraulic demonstration apparatus, unsigned, probably made in France, c. 1870
  • Turner, G. L'E., Nineteenth Century Scientific Instruments. London: 1983, pp 86-7 
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