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From Polmaise, Stirlingshire

Postcard of Brooch.
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This bronze brooch, also known as a fibula, was found at Newark Farm at Polmaise in Stirlingshire. It was probably made in southern England between 80 and 100 AD.

The brooch is of a type sometimes called a dolphin brooch. It is a Roman brooch form, but in this case decorated in an openwork style also found on native metalwork.

The Roman army obtained supplies from three zones: locally (either by the army or natives), within the Roman province of Britannia, or further afield in the Roman empire.

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Online ID: 000-100-102-905-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  Q.L.1956.4
Date: 80 - 100 AD
Between 80 and 100 AD
Material: Bronze, yellow
What: Fibula / brooch
Where: Scotland, Stirlingshire, Polmaise, Newpark Farm
Description: Bow brooch or fibula of yellow bronze with openwork catch plate, found at Newpark Farm, Polmaise, Stirlingshire in 1850, 80 - 100 AD
  • MacGregor, Morna. Early Celtic art in North Britain. Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1976, vol. 1, p. 119. 
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