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Postcard of Candleholders.
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These iron hanging candleholders date from the 18th century. The one on the right is a double candleholder found in peat moss at Glenshee in Perthshire. Its upright is broken and it is missing its suspension hook.

Hanging candleholder of wrought iron with a twisted stem and a hook at the top, 18th century

It is thought the candle was introduced to Britain by the Romans. From then until the second quarter of the 19th century, it remained the most widely used form of artificial light.

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Online ID: 000-100-102-270-C
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  H.MGI 23
Date: 18th century
18th century
18th century
18th century
Material: Iron
Iron, wrought
Dimensions: Stem 13.70" L; socket 1.95" H; drip pan 1.60" D
Stem 15.90" L; socket 1.40" H; drip pan 2.35" D
Stem 9.60" L; suspension rod 10.35"; socket 1.70" H; pan 2.10" D
Upright 7.45" L
What: Candleholder
Candleholder, hanging
Candleholder, hanging
Candleholder, hanging, double
Subject: Candleholders (NMAS Classification)
Candleholders (NMAS Classification)
Candleholders (NMAS Classification)
Candleholders (NMAS Classification)
Where: Scotland, Perthshire, Glenshee
Scotland, Perthshire, Glenshee (peat moss)
Description: Adjustable candleholder of iron with a suspension rod and a drip pan, 18th century
Hanging candleholder of iron with a long upright stem ending in a hook for suspension, 18th century
Double hanging candleholder of iron, consisting of two candleholders, each with a horizontal stem which turns up at right angles, from Glenshee, Perthshire, 18th century
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