Silver coin (reverse) made during reign of James VII (II of England)

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Postcard of Silver coin (reverse) made during reign of James VII (II of England).
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Silver coin (reverse) made during reign of James VII (II of England)

This is the reverse of a silver 60 shilling piece minted in 1828, possibly in London, from dies manufactured in 1688 for James VII and II. No contemporary pieces were struck from these dies.

The reverse has a crowned shield of arms within a border of thistles and monograms. The Latin inscription translates as: 'King of Great Britain, France and Ireland'.

James' reign as successor to his elder brother began in 1685 and ended four years later in military defeat at the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland. James' Scottish coinage comprised just two denominations in silver (40 shillings and 10 shillings).

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Online ID: 000-100-084-501-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  A.1911.506.1252
Date: 1688
Material: Silver; little evidence of wear. Inscription: Obv.: IACOBVS . II . DEI . GRATIA .; bust to right; 60 below. Rev.: MAG . BR . FRA / ET . HIB . REX . 16 / 88 .; crowned shield of arms within border of thistles and monograms
Dimensions: Diameter 40.00 mm; weight 26.43 g; die axis 6.0
What: Coin, 60-shillings / restrike
Subject: Coins and currency
Who: James VII (King)
Pollexfen collection (1900 sale, lot 442)
Where: England, London (?)
Description: Restrike of a James VII silver 60 shilling piece, Scotland, dated 1688, minted in London (?), 1828
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