Coin (reverse), penny, of Eadgar

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From Iona, Argyll

Postcard of Coin (reverse), penny, of Eadgar.
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Coin (reverse), penny, of Eadgar

This silver coin was found in a hoard containing over 360 Anglo-Saxon coins, a finger ring bezel, a silver ingot and a gold rod fragment buried in Iona Abbey between 986 and 990. The coin was minted sometime between 959 and 975.

The coin was minted for the Anglo-Saxon king Eadgar at Chester.

The Iona Abbey hoard contained over 360 coins, probably the largest number in any Scottish Viking Age hoard, together with three other objects. It may well be a savings hoard, buried for safety during a Viking raid which is known to have occurred in 986.

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Online ID: 000-100-081-875-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  H.C19030
Date: 959 - 975
Coin minted between 959 and 975, buried between 986 and 990
Material: Silver; very slightly buckled; slight wear. Inscription: Obv. Cross EADGAR RE .; small cross in centre / Rev. ELFZ / OL cross EO / TANM; wedge attached to back of 1st E; rosette of pellets above and below
Dimensions: 22.50 mm D / Die Axis: 9.0
What: Coin Type: BMC ii(b); CTCE HR3 Chester (no 168)
Coin, penny
Subject: Queen Street Coin Collection
Who: Aelfstan (Maker)
Iona Hoard, 1950
Where: England
England, Cheshire, Chester
Scotland, Argyll, Iona, Iona Abbey
Description: Silver penny of Eadgar, minted by Aelfstan at Chester, 959 - 975
  • Metcalf, D.M. The monetary significance of Scottish Viking-age coin hoards, with a short commentary. In: Graham-Campbell, James. The Viking-age gold and silver of Scotland (AD 850-1100). Edinburgh: National Museums of Scotland, 1995, pp 16-25. 
  • Stevenson, Robert B.K. Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles. National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland. Part I. Anglo-Saxon coins (with associated foreign coins). London: British Academy, 1966, no. 620. 
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