Coin (Obverse), shilling, from the reign of Anne

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Postcard of Coin (Obverse), shilling, from the reign of Anne.
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Coin (Obverse), shilling, from the reign of Anne

This is the obverse of a silver shilling minted in Edinburgh in 1708, during the reign of Anne.

The obverse bears a portrait of the queen with an 'E' below (for the Edinburgh Mint). The Latin inscription reads 'Anne, by the Grace of God'.

Anne acceded to the throne in 1702 and her reign saw the Act of Union of 1707 and the consequent cessation of a separate Scottish coinage. The last coins - British silver coins - ever struck in Scotland were issued at the Edinburgh mint in 1709.

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Online ID: 000-100-054-378-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  H.C3926
Date: 1708
Material: Silver; slight wear. Inscription: Obv. ANNA . DEI . GRATIA .; bust to left; E * below; five-pointed star after E / Rev. MAG . BRI . FR . ET . HIB . REG . 1708 .; cross of 4 shields
Dimensions: 25.00 mm D / Die Axis: 6.5
What: Coin Type: Post-union
Coin, shilling
Subject: Queen Street Coin Collection
Who: Anne
Lockett Collection
Murdoch Collection
Where: Scotland, Midlothian, Edinburgh
Description: Anne silver shilling, Edinburgh, 1708
  • 'Currency' [multimedia CD-ROM] Edinburgh: NMS, 1995 
  • Stewart, I.H. 'The Scottish Coinage'. Second Edition. London: Spink & Son, 1967 
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