Bronze penannular bracelets found at Balmashannar, Angus

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Postcard of Bronze penannular bracelets found at Balmashannar, Angus.
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Bronze penannular bracelets found at Balmashannar, Angus

These bronze bracelets are part of a late Bronze Age hoard of jewellery and other items, buried in a pot and ploughed up at Balmashannar in Angus. The bracelets were imported from Ireland and the Continent sometime between 950 and 750 BC.

The simple penannular bracelet with evenly expanded terminals was probably imported from Ireland. The bracelet with out-turned terminals is a Continental type, perhaps imported to Scotland via northern France and southern England.

The Balmashanner hoard demonstrates how extensive and complex were the contacts between Scotland and the outside world during the early first millennium BC. The contents come from Ireland, northern Europe, north-west Europe and the eastern Alps.

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Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  X.DQ 137
Date: Between 950 and 750 BC
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 1.88" - 2.88" D
1.88" - 2.88" D
What: Armlet, penannular
Armlet, penannular
Where: Scotland, Angus, Balmashanner
Scotland, Angus, Balmashanner
Description: Bronze penannular armlet from Balmashanner
Bronze penannular armlet from Balmashanner
  • Coles, John M. In: Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 93 (1959-1960), pp 16-134. Scottish late Bronze Age metalwork: typology, distributions and chronology. 
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