Two marches in a manuscript book of Highland bagpipe music

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owned by Piper A. Finnie, 1st Battalion Blackwatch, c. 1898 - 1902

Postcard of Two marches in a manuscript book of Highland bagpipe music.
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Two marches in a manuscript book of Highland bagpipe music

Two 'marches' for the Highland bagpipe, 'Lieutenant Campbell' and 'Lord Alexander Kennedy' written in a manuscript book of Highland bagpipe music, including music for marches, strathspeys, reels and jigs, as well as Regimental Marches and Duty Calls. Selection of quicksteps or marches in 2/4 and 6/8 time in Piper Finnie's manuscript book of music for the Highland bagpipe. These tunes are typical of the repertoire of piper in the 19th century, including tunes composed for playing on the Highland bagpipes and in honour of military campaigns, regimental formations and officers. This page, for example, includes a fine tune composed in 1876 by Piper James Honeyman of the Black Watch in honour of Lord Alexander Kennedy (1853 - 1912) an officer in his regiment.

The book is inscribed 'PIPER A. FINNIE / BLACK WATCH / SITAPUR / INDIA'. According to regimental records, the First Battalion Black Watch was stationed at Sitapur in India between 1898 and 1902 and, after a period at Kemptee near Bombay, returned to Edinburgh in 1903.

The tunes commemorate popular officers of the Black Watch. The collection is a good example of a standard repertoire of a nineteenth century professional piper and reflects the discipline of writing down and standardising Highland bagpipe music before printed music became generally available.

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Online ID: 000-000-579-825-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0869: The Bagpipe Collection
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  K.2002.1337 (1)
Date: 1876 (date of composition of Lord Alexander Kennedy)
1898 - 1902 (date of use)
Material: Paper, ink and fabric tape
Dimensions: 310 mm L x 275 mm W x 35 mm Depth
What: Manuscript book
Who: 1st Battalion Black Watch (associated battalion)
Lieutenant Campbell (honoured by muciscal composition)
Lord Alexander Kennedy (honoured by muciscal composition)
Piper A. Finnie (owner)
Piper James Honeyman (composer of Lord Alexander Kennedy)
Where: India, Kemptee (place of use)
India, Sitapur (place of use)
Scotland, Edinburgh (possible place of use)
Description: Inscribed book of Highland bagpipe music repaired with fabric tape.
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