Recruiting leaflet for the 71st (Fraser's) Highlanders

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Postcard of Recruiting leaflet for the 71st (Fraser's) Highlanders.
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Recruiting leaflet for the 71st (Fraser's) Highlanders

The British Army was anxious to raise men to fight in North America by the late 18th century. Ensign Thomas Hamilton was recruiting for Fraser's Highlanders in Dundee, probably at a tavern. Drink was often used to persuade the reluctant.

Men were enlisted until 'the end of three years, that is in 1779, or of the present American rebellion.' The War of Independence was won by America in 1778, so the men would have been discharged early - if they survived.

The leaflet encourages men to leave a 'cruel or harsh task-master' or a cross wife, words which were echoed in the song, 'Twa recruiting sergeants'.

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Online ID: 000-000-100-300-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0207: The Thistle at War
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  M.1982.97
Date: 1776
Material: Paper
Dimensions: 17.8 cm x 10.8 cm
What: Leaflet, recruiting
Subject: Archives and manuscripts
Who: 71st (Fraser's) Highlanders
Where: Scotland, Highlands (place of origin)
United States of America
Event: American War of Independence
Description: 71st (Fraser's) Highlanders - Recruiting leaflet, 1776.
  • McCorry, Helen (ed.) The thistle at war: an anthology of the Scottish experience of war, in the services and at home. Edinburgh: NMS, 1997 
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