Scale holder designed by Lord Kelvin

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Postcard of Scale holder designed by Lord Kelvin.
© National Museums Scotland

Scale holder designed by Lord Kelvin

This scale holder and slit is part of a reflecting galvanometer which was used in 1865-1866 to test electric currents passing through transatlantic marine cable.

Transatlantic marine cable was laid for the first time by the Atlantic Telegraph Company in 1865-1866.

As chief consultant of the Atlantic Telegraph Company, the physicist Sir William Thomson was involved in the design and construction of the first successful underwater Atlantic cable. In 1866 he was knighted for his work in physics and engineering. Later, in 1892, Lord Kelvin was made 1st Baron Kelvin of Largs.

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Online ID: 000-000-099-871-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0088: Innovators and Innovations (multimedia essay)
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  T.1934.158
Date: 1866
Dimensions: 8.50" overall H x 15.00" L (scale) x 9.00" D (base)
What: Scale holder / slit / galvanometer, reflecting
Subject: 8. ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, Installation (Departmental Classification)
22. PHYSICS, Magnetism and Electricity (Departmental Classification)
Who: Lord Kelvin (Sir William Thomson) (scientist and inventor)
Event: Laying of the Submarine Atlantic Telegraph Cable
Description: Scale holder and slit for a reflecting galvanometer used when laying the Atlantic Cable in 1866
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