Jawbone of a porpoise

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found on St Ninian's Isle, Dunrossness, Shetland

Postcard of Jawbone of a porpoise.
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Jawbone of a porpoise

This lower part of a porpoise's jawbone was found in a hoard also containing 28 silver objects, placed in a box and buried on St Ninian's Isle at Dunrossness in Shetland sometime between 750 and 825. The hoard probably belonged to a Pictish chief.

The owners of the hoard placed the right-lower half of a mature porpoise's jawbone in the hoard. It has been stained green with copper-oxides. The bone is intact save for the teeth and a slight crack in the thinnest part of the bone.

The inclusion of part of the jawbone of a porpoise in a hoard which otherwise contained highly ornate and expensive metalwork has been the subject of some speculation. It must have had some symbolic meaning which is unclear to us today.

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Online ID: 000-100-036-445-C
Image Rights Holder: National Museums Scotland
Project: 0098: National Museums Scotland
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Ref: National Museums Scotland  X.FC 296
Date: 8th century
Buried between 750 and 825
Material: Bone, porpoise; stained green; teeth missing
Dimensions: 8.10" L
What: Jaw, porpoise's / portion
Where: Scotland, Shetland, St Ninian's Isle
Description: Right half of the lower jaw of a porpoise, stained green, found at St Ninian's Isle with a Pictish hoard, 8th century
  • Small, A., Thomas, C., & Wilson, D. M. St. Ninian's Isle and its Treasure. London: Oxford University Press,1973 
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